Ghulai 30 Volume Cream Developer 9% - 1000 ml

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Discover the essential Ghulai Cream Developers. These crucial developers create a smooth and gentle blend, ensuring a silky texture and effectively guarding against dryness and brittleness. Experience a seamless blending experience with Ghulai Cream Developers.

Protective Cream

With an increased amount of protective cream, our product minimizes hair damage caused by hydrogen peroxide. Our carefully formulated product acts as a protective shield for the hair during application.

This extra protection helps prevent unwanted effects such as excessive dryness or brittleness, keeping the hair healthy and resilient.

Using this advanced formula ensures a safe and gentle experience, promoting hair health.

Smoothness & Softness

Ghulai Cream Developers are enriched with cetrimonium chloride. This ingredient plays a crucial role in balancing the potentially harmful effects of a high pH level and offers excellent conditioning properties.

It absorbs and neutralizes electric charges in the hair, resulting in improved manageability, increased softness, and a smooth, well-groomed sensation.

Long Shelf Life

Due to its high stability, there is no significant change in hydrogen peroxide concentration. This means that the likelihood of consistently obtaining the same color results is higher.