All great stories star with a cherished dream.

Meet Zeyneb

Zeyneb Usul started her career as a hairdresser in 1993 and has since worked in various salons. In 2004, she decided to establish her own salon, Hairmasters, marking her initial steps as an independent entrepreneur. During the early years of Hairmasters, Zeyneb and her team specialized in all aspects of the hairdressing industry.

The next steps

Fast forward to 2016. Hairmasters not only relocated but also underwent a transformation. What was once a traditional hair salon evolved in 2016 into a beauty salon with a new name: Hairmasters Plus. Zeyneb and her team are now renowned for their exceptional expertise in various hairdressing services, particularly in the realm of hair coloring. This reputation led to a broad clientele and swiftly captured the attention of well-known personalities, influencers, and models from Belgium and the Netherlands.

However, the evolution of Hairmasters Plus didn't stop there. In 2022, Zeyneb initiated a large-scale project, 'Ghulai', a series of hair color products, and 'Teasy Lights', a training program for hairdressers. This ultimately resulted in a further transformation in 2023, where Hairmasters Plus rebranded as H+ Professional.

What does H+ Professional now offer?

At H+ Professional, we have a clear goal in mind: to provide you, the hairdresser, with high-quality hair color products and comprehensive training. We are determined to offer the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve this.

We believe that a hairdresser is more than just someone who cuts and colors others' hair. It is a craft and an art form that empowers people to feel confident and beautiful.

At H+ Professional, our aim is to support and inspire you, enabling you to bring out the best in yourself as a hairdresser.