Ghulai Pure Powder Lightener - 500g

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Experience blonde perfection with Ghulai Blonde Bleach Powders. Achieve exceptional lightening with minimal damage. Customize your results, neutralize unwanted tones, and protect the hair. Enjoy a carefree and dust-free formula. Uncover the beauty of lightened hair with Ghulai.

Ghulai Pure Lightening Powder is a must-have for hairstylists seeking the standard powder for their salon. It lightens the hair up to 8 levels while maintaining strength and intensity.

Quality Lightened Hair

No roughness, dullness, or excessive porosity is experienced in the hair that has been lightened with Ghulai Lightening Powder and Cream Developer.

Optimal Hair Results

Ghulai Lightening Powders offer various levels of lightening without causing unintended or unnecessary hair damage. Hair stylists can choose the specific powder that matches the desired lightening outcome, thereby minimizing excessive damage.

Neutralizing Unwanted Pigments

The pigments present in the Ghulai Lightening Powders are carefully formulated to counteract undesirable warm orange tones that can occur during the lightening process. These pigments work to neutralize and balance the underlying pigments found in the natural hair structure, ultimately resulting in a more natural and flattering blonde hair color.

Plex Protection

Plex is a technology that aids in strengthening and protecting the hair during the bleaching process. It operates by creating a shield around the hair strands, reducing the potential damage caused by bleaching. This shield helps maintain the hair's structure and prevents excessive breakage or weakening.


Some hair bleach powders used for hair lightening may contain small particles that could be harmful if inhaled over a long period, but not Ghulai Blonde Bleach Powders. Our products possess dust-free properties that reduce the amount of harmful particles.