H+ Professional Cape

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Add something unique to your services and offer customers an exclusive salon experience that goes beyond the everyday routine with our beautiful H+ Professional Capes.

Distinguish yourself from other salons with our capes so that your customers feel special as they prepare in front of the mirror in your salon.

Our high-end haute couture capes are the result of a collaboration with the Belgian fashion house Atelier ExC.


  • The cape is made of 30% polyester, 10% lycra, and 60% cotton, making it anti-static and breathable, which makes it comfortable for the customer.
  • The cape is fully resistant to the chemicals used in hair coloring, permanent solution, and bleach powder, thanks to NANO technology.
  • The cape has epaulettes on the shoulders.
  • It is adorned with gold-colored buttons featuring the relief of the H+ logo.
  • Easily removable thanks to the snap-button closure.
  • The color is black.
  • Dimensions: 120 cm x 140 cm.